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ECO Automated Designs is your professional home technology expert. We realize in-home technology can be complicated as well as a substantial investment. By choosing us as your experienced specialists, you can rest assured that your home electronic system will be customized but simplified, accurately installed, and properly maintained.  Let us assess your needs by scheduling a free consultation today.




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Service Offerings

Structured Wiring

Whether building a home or refreshing your audio/visual systems, planning for a central structured wiring location, could add thousands of dollars in value to your home.


Audio distribution

Distribute your audio from connection to device without the hassle of wiring. Less wiring means less maintenance and a better audio experience for your home.


Home Theater

Experience your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of your own home theater. Consult with us what solution would best fit your home theater needs.


Central Vacuum

Eliminate your need to lug around heavy vacuums with a simplified central vacuum solution that enables each room to clean dust particles from your air.


Keeping your technology talking with each other is our expertise. We ensure that each device, from room-to-room, will communicate exactly what you require.


Video Distribution

Watch any show from any room. ECO seamlessly connects your visual entertainment through a simplified process that connects each room to your network.


Home Automation

Keeping your home connected, through simplified technology, we provide the best solutions. We conduct an in-home assessment to better understand your needs.


Simple Control

While connecting your home through our automation process can sometimes seem complicated, we provide you with a simple control system, that allows you to intuitively navigate from room to room, seamlessly.



Ensuring that your home is safe is just as important as your entertainment. With our home automation solutions, keeping your home safe has never been easier.



Working hand-in-hand with surveillance, we connect your home to keep it as safe as possible. Use our solutions to check in on your home at any time of the day.


Motorized Shades

Ever have your movie experience affected by the sun shining on your TV. With our motorized shade solutions, those pains disappear.


Home Communication

Stay connected with the whole family through a simplified home communication system. Never scream for your loved ones again.



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